In a world overrun by singer/songwriters, Holly Pulliam is a gem to be discovered. With the solid bedrock of her strum and unique vocal aesthesia, she effortlessly delivers an unparalleled lyrical quality, and posseses the imaginative ability to bring a room to its collective knees. She has been writing and performing for over a decade, and her ability to captivate an audience and silence even the most unruly crowds with the sound of her croons proves once again that she is one to watch for.

Holly currently resides in Seattle, WA. Born in Tucson, AZ, she has also lived in Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, and California. After fifteen years in Southern California, she packed up her SUV and relocated to Seattle in 2012 where she has found herself at home among the nature, art, people, music, and culture.



Seattle, WA, USA

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