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Be Gone (Keep Away From Us Now)

fast approaching with quick heavy steps you walk right up to my face tears are welling within my scared eyes what is this, some kind of race? i thought i had won, how far have we come this ended a long time ago

so why'd you do it, girl? no, love does not see you what happened beneath you? perverted by evil deeds wickedness drips from your sick, twisted lips be gone, keep away from me now

stop and listen, just wait one moment i'll tell you what really went down feel the stab of your condemning thoughts my creator alone judges now say it, i dare you pray god only spares you from what i am feeling right now no one should know this pain so deep exists just hold me while i cry it out

how you got here, boy is no secret to Him, he knows - sees right through them oh Lord, don't let go of him now God, He will take you, break you and make you a new life, new heart, clean hands now

with serpent-like ways, she pushes, pervades and gets in to the hearts of the broken poison their souls with her wickedness cold each death trap earns her a new token a notch on the belt for each one she has felt with her broken hands and warped mind this time she got mine and she ate him alive with her ways, all the ways she gets by

why do you do it, girl? no love lives within you He cannot get into the darkest depths of your soul until you can see for yourself what you've done to me be gone, keep away from us now